This recipe is an experiment prompted by finding a big package of beef Neckbones in the freezer and a wonderfully large fig crop. 

I browned the Neckbones in a 450 F degree oven for 30 minutes. 

I then put them into a cast iron Dutch oven, covered them with water mixed with the drippings from the skillet and added about 20 figs, some salt, 1/8 cup of raw apple cider vinegar and 2 TBL minced garlic.

After bringing the stew to a boil, I have turned the heat to low and left it to simmer for the next couple of hours. 

Now it’s time to practice some yoga while the meat and fruit stews. 

Cooking with Love in my NoneSuch Kitchen


#aip #glutenfree #pasturedbeef #cloverhillspastures #figs #stew


One thought on “BEEF NECKBONES with FRESH FIGS

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