The weather has been very warm around here in central Kentucky and that means, that I had to get the various gardens, that are all around here on the farm, cleaned up so I can see the thousands of daffodils that are trying to bloom.  Knowing that I only had a couple of hours to work before dinner,  I put a pork  and kraut dish into the oven and let it cook while I worked outside.

I pre-heated the oven to 375 degrees while I put, into a large iron skillet:

Four bone-in rib cut pork chops

The following items were put on top of the chops, in the order listed:

one, large granny smith apple, sliced.

one large onion, sliced

one quart of my homemade sauerkraut

I put a lid onto of it all and put it into the hot oven.

I let it all cook, for about 2 hours while I was working outside.

When it was time to serve dinner, we heated up some leftover beet soup and fixed some Brussels Sprouts.

We filled our plates and went outside to have dinner on the backporch and admire the flowers while we ate.

The best part are the leftover chops and kraut. They will be even better tomorrow.

So easy, simple and delicious.

Version 2



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