I love to start dinner with a soup, especially in cold weather. I also love Borscht but I can’t eat tomatoes right now, so, I decided to try a simpler version of my borscht recipe.

This beet soup is super easy and very delicious.  Since my garden beets are long gone,  I have discovered canned beets. They are plain beets with only salt added.  They are very good and, since they are already cooked,  much simpler to use than fresh beets.  That means they also save a lot of time in the kitchen, without sacrificing flavor.  I’ve been making this soup on a regular basis.

Only a few amazing ingredients are needed; the vegetables, plus some beef bone broth and Apple Cider Vinegar.



About 6 one cup servings

Slice one large onion. Sautee it in lard or coconut oil or a combination, until it is soft and carmelized. This will give the soup extra depth of flavor.

While the onion is cooking, peel and grate one large carrot. I hand grate it on the large side of the grater.

Add the carrot to one quart of Beef Bone Broth.

Let simmer while the onion cooks.

Place the cooked onion into the broth and carrot mixture.

If the beets are sliced, I cut down through them, while they are still in the can. I prefer smaller pieces of beet in my soup.

Add the beets, water and all, to the carrots and broth.

Add 1/4 cup of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 tsp salt, unless the broth is already salted. 

Note: The amount of vinegar and salt can be more or less depending on taste.

Note: You can use chicken broth for a lighter taste version.

Let the soup heat through and serve.

It is amazingly delicious and gets better when left over.

Cooking with Love in My Nonesuch Kitchen,


Version 2

Coming next:  Winter Slaw



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