I don’t cook on New Year’s Day so that means I fix up something, that will give us plenty of leftovers, on New Year’s Eve.  Today I cooked up a big pork shoulder roast with rutabaga, apple, onion and pear roasted in the pan juices.  We also had my husband’s special “deep fried Brussels Sprouts”, baked sweet potato and a beet and horseradish relish.

The roast is one that I had in the freezer. It was from a hog that was raised by Farmer Joe Weber, a local farmer who raises the hogs on pasture.

The roast had plenty of fat in it but I still greased a cast iron skillet with lard and coated the top of the roast so it wouldn’t dry out while getting hot.

I placed the roast in  a hot oven ( 425 degrees) at 10:00am.  After 25 minutes, the heat was turned down to 350 degrees. I let it cook for three 1/2 hours.

I then took off a lot of the grease that had collected around the roast and added in the vegetables.

I used one medium onion, one large rutabaga, one medium Granny Smith apple and one half of a large pear. I sprinkled it all with dried thyme and some salt. I then basted the vegetables with some of the grease that I had earlier removed from the pan.

Here’s what it all looked like just before I put it back into the 350 degree oven.


I then let it cook for another hour. by then the vegetables were good and tender as was the pork. We removed the roast from the pan and sliced off what we needed for dinner. The vegetables were removed to a bowl.


My husband made his “Deep Fried Brussels Sprouts” while the sweet potato finished baking and I got everything ready to serve.

He started cooking the Brussels Sprouts this way by accident. He was in a hurry one day and figured he could skip blanching them in water if he cooked them in enough grease. It worked!

He slices the whole fresh sprouts into halves. Then he places them in a pan of bacon grease that has enough grease to cover the sprouts.  It only takes a few minutes for them to cook through. He removes them to a bowl, one at a time, so they don’t have any grease on them and seasons them with just a bit of salt.

The beet relish was made from cooked beets that were finely chopped and had horseradish “to taste” added to them. Very simple.

A delicious, warm AIP meal on a cold afternoon to bring in the New Year.  What a great start to a wonderful New Year.

Wishing each of you a wonderful New Year filled with many good meals created with Love.


Cooking with Love in Nonesuch,


Version 2

There have been some issues with some of you not being able to leave comments. I think I have finally fixed it and I welcome all comments.




One thought on “PORK ROAST with VEGGIES

  1. That is a great looking plate of food, lots of variety and color. Also, AIP! And some people say they don’t know how we get by eating this way. VERY WELL, thank you very much!


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