We had a wonderful Christmas in Ponchatoula, LA with our Niece, Nephew and Great-Niece. Of course, we had lots of fresh seafood and lots of good Auto Immune Protocol cooking. Amy discovered the Auto Immune Protocol last summer. Since we both share the same health issues, she suggested that I give the diet a try. It’s great. The bloating and weight gain are both coming under control and I feel good.

She sent me home with food( a baked sweet potato, some meatloaf burgers, fruit and shrimp) to fix for breakfast and possibly lunch, since eating on the road is very difficult.  So, I ended up at home with half of a baked white sweet potato and about 1/2 cup of boiled shrimp.

Here’s what I did with them:

Remove the loose skin from the white sweet potato half , and slightly flatten the potato.

Place the potato into a skillet that has been heated with bacon grease, lard or olive oil.

Let the potato gently heat up on one side, then turn it over. It should get a slight caramel crust on it.

Gently heat the peeled shrimp in olive oil and chopped garlic. Add salt to taste.

Place the potato half on a heated plate.

Place the shrimp on top of the potato.

Sprinkle with lime juice, toasted unsweetened coconut shreds and Coconut Aminos.

Makes one really delicious serving.

This recipe can be easily doubled.

All AIP recipes are gluten free, dairy free, nut free, nightshade free, grain free and sugar free. Sounds like a lot of restrictions but there’s a lot of good food to be had with this diet. I’ll be posting more fun and delicious recipes.

Being gluten free has gotten much easier in the last few years. When I first went gluten free, about 14 years ago, I told a waitress that I could not eat anything with gluten in it. She didn’t know what gluten was so I explained that it was in wheat, barley and rye, among other things. She then proceeded to let me know that they had white bread as an option.

Think about it!

Cooking with Love in Nonesuch,


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