Because of similar health issue between us, my niece recommended that I go on the Auto-Immune-Protocol diet and that I read the book WHY ISN’T MY BRAIN WORKING? A revolutionary understanding of brain decline and effective strategies to recover your brain’s health,  by Datis Kharrazian, DHSc., DC, MS

From the back of the book, here are a few signs and symptoms of an unhealthy brain:

Memory loss

Brain Fog


Difficulty learning

Lack of motivation, drive or passion

Tire easily reading, driving, etc.

Poor focus and concentration

Fatigue in response to certain foods or chemicals

It’s been a real eye opening read. Number 1 for me, it confirms the importance of keeping our brain healthy through good diet and keeping our bodies active. Most importantly though, it points out how often issues with our bodies are treated as isolated events, rather than as part of the whole.

You can check out the inside of the book at Amazon.

For the best information that I’ve found online about the Auto-Immune-Protocol check out this link:

There is a lot of information about the diet and a lot of free information on getting started on it.  I love not having to count carbs or calories and I’m never tempted to overeat because I know when I’m full.

I’ll be posting more of my adventures in cooking for the AIP diet.

Have Fun,

Cooking With Love,


Version 2

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