This recipe makes a great appetizer that is gluten free and AIP ( it fits the Auto Immune Protocol).

I started with one very nice turkey liver that had come out of a locally raised turkey. The turkey weighed about 15lbs., so, this was a very nice liver.

Here is the recipe:

Chop the liver into very small pieces and set aside.img_9147

Finely chop about 1 1/2 TBL each of the following ingredients:


Sour apple



Mince about 2 tsp. garlic

Chop some fresh fennel leaves

Measure out about 1 tsp dried Thyme

Take the leaves off of one sprig of Rosemary

Cook the vegetables, over medium heat, in  either /or a combination of:img_9148


Bacon grease

Coconut Oil




When the vegetables start to get a bit soft, add the chopped liver to the mixture.

Stir the mixture while it is cooking, chopping the liver into even img_9149

smaller pieces the whole time it is cooking.

This takes about 7-10 minutes.

Just as it looks like the liver is cooked through, add

1TBL of Organic Apple Cider vinegar and a few dashes of Coconut Aminos. Mix thoroughly.

Place the mixture into a small serving dish.

Yeild: About One cup


Let cool. Then serve with fresh celery sticks. The celery sticks can be filled with the Chopped liver and it is a wonderful combination of cool crunch against the hearty flavor of the Chopped Liver.

This is also a great snack for anyone who is #AIP.

This recipe could also be done with beef liver or chicken liver.


Cooking from the Heart in Nonesuch,


















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