My Husband and I had this fish today for our dinner. It is Silver Carp from Paducah, KY and it is delicious.  The carp is an Asian Carp and therefore, is not a bottom feeder like our American Carp. This fillet was pure white, boneless with a good fish flavor but not fishy. The flavor is light and clean.

The texture is solid, almost like a good catfish,  but tender.  I sauteed the fillets, with a bit of Blackened Fish Seasoning on them, in Coconut oil. I served them with homemade Okra Masala and a Red Cabbage Coleslaw.  We each only ate a one fourth serving, and felt like that was plenty.

I purchased the fillet at Good Foods Co-op in Lexington, KY. The fish is being caught and sold by FIN Gourmet Store LLC of Paducah, KY. To find out more about the company, check out their website. It’s a fascinating story of learning how to catch, process and sell a fish that has been considered a nuisance on the lakes at Land Between The Lakes.



Cooking from the Heart in Nonesuch,



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