I grew up in the Northwest Indiana where one of the best holiday and celebration meals is served around a beef dish called”Italian Beef”.  It is generally served on large hard rolls. Since I am gluten free, I serve it with potatoes and other vegetables.

This dish is best started one or two days ahead of when it will be served. Like a lot of stew type dishes, it’s gets better with age.


Recipe from the Nonesuch Kitchen of Karen S. Riggins 2016


PREPARE the Meat:

One Sirloin beef  roast ( 6-8 lbs.) is best but I’ve also used round roast, round steak, sirloin steak and, on occasion a large chuck roast.  Our beef is raised at Clover Hill Pastures in Nonesuch and is entirely grass finished.

You can use a smaller roast but the broth may not be as rich. This is also good leftover and it can be frozen, so I always make up a large batch.

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.
Brown the meat in the oven.
Then reduce the heat and let the meat cook until medium rare.

Remove the meat from the oven and let it cool until it can be safely handled.

Slice the meat into thick slices or cut into pieces.

Place the meat into a large cooking pot with the juices from the oven pan.

Add :
Lots of whole garlic cloves ( at least two large bulbs)
Salt and pepper to taste
A tsp, or more,  of dried oregano
One cup of red wine, more if you like
Several  good shakes of LEA & PERRINS Original Worcestershire sauce
Enough water to cover the meat.

Cook, on top of the stove, until the meat is tender but still covered with liquid.

Let cool and place in the refrigerator overnight.


Reheat the beef in the liquid.   Let the liquid reduce somewhat.

Just before serving:
Add several slices of fresh sweet green, yellow, or red  pepper. Cook until the peppers are hot through and through.

Serve with large hard rolls, horseradish sauce  and salad and some really good red wine.

Cooking With Love in My Nonesuch Kitchen,



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