My husband and I decided to take a day off and spend it at the Keeneland Race Track on OAKS Day.  This racetrack has beautiful green lawns and is a wonderful place to take a picnic. I wanted something quick and easy to make using what I had on hand.

I started with boiling a pot of water for pasta. I have found a gluten free pasta that really holds together even when it’s in the form of spaghetti. It takes less than 10 mins to cook it. Once I had the spaghetti cooking, I started cooking the meat.


I had a small Skirt Steak that was part of the pasture finished beef that we got from Cloverhill Pastures last fall.

I cut it into thin slices and quickly cooked the slices in Sunflower Oil, in a very hot iron skillet.

While the meat was cooking, I placed some asparagus spears that were fresh picked from our garden that morning, into a pie plate that had about 1/2″ of water in it. I placed this into the microwave oven and steamed the asparagus on high for about 2 mins.

The cooking time does depend on the freshness of the asparagus, the power of the microwave and how done you may like your asparagus.  The two minutes gave us firm but cooked asparagus.

Once the meat was cooked to medium, I placed it in a large bowl with the cut up asparagus and drained noodles. I added ground black pepper.

I then made a vinaigrette starting with 4 ounces of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and a 1/4 tsp of sea salt.  I slowly added in an Herbs de Provence flavored olive oil until I had added 4 ounces of oil and the vinaigrette was good and thick.

I then poured the vinaigrette over the warm ingredients and, using two forks, I  mixed it  until every ingredient was coated with the dressing.

The salad was divided into two plastic containers that were easy to pack and eat out of. I garnished each serving with hand grated Romano Cheese and French olives.

We couldn’t take wine to the track but this salad would be perfect with a good red wine of your choice. I had my traditional Bloody Mary before eating our salad.

A note about the flavor infused olive oil:  These can be purchased at Stuarto’s in downtown Lexington.  They let you sample the oils and vinegars before buying them. The oils are all estate bottled.



Use chicken and a lighter flavored olive oil. Maybe a Honey-Ginger Balsamic with a Lime infused oil. Add peanuts, and sliced cabbage and carrots.

Cooking with Love in Nonesuch,



If you read my previous post you saw a mention of Jd’s Whole cream. Find them at:





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