It’s that time of year when I start thinking about some good hot tea on a cold day. Turmeric Tea is full of wonderful spicy goodness and it’s really good for you.  There are lots of websites that tell about the goodness of Turmeric tea.  There are also lots of recipes. I have come up with this one that is spicy and sweet, thanks to the bit of honey that I add along with some cream.

Place 4 cups of water into a saucepan

2 TBL of ground Turmeric or more if you really like it
1 TBL each of:
Whole cloves
Whole Allspice berries
Whole Cardamon seeds
1 TBL ground Cinnamon


2 TBL of fresh ginger IMG_3781
Simmer all of the ingredients for about twenty minutes.


Pour through a strainer into a teapot.


The turmeric will settle and be pretty thick at the end of the pouring. I put it into the compost bucket along with the cooked spices.

Serve the tea in a nice mug with cream and at least a teaspoon of good honey.


Now find a cozy spot and enjoy the warm, rich goodness of this tea.

Cooking with Love and gratitude in My Nonesuch Kitchen,


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