We recently had the great pleasure of a visit from some friends that we had not seen in over forty years. When I found out that they would be able to have dinner with us and spend the night, I immediately took stock of the garden produce  and the freezer.

I had a pasture finished chicken that I had purchased at the Berea College Farm Store.  It was a lovely whole chicken that weighted about 5 pounds.

I decided to cook it in a Rosemary, garlic and white wine sauce.  This is a very easy dish that is not fussy about when it is served. It takes about an hour from start to finish, but most of that time can be spent preparing other dinner items while the chicken simmers in the sauce.


Start with cutting up the whole chicken. I cut up the leg, thigh and wings into separate pieces. The breast meat was boned out and cut into six pieces.

I saved out the back and wing tips and froze them. I’ll make a broth out of them at another time.

I placed the legs, thighs, and wings into a hot cast iron skillet and browned each of the pieces. 

Once the pieces were all  nicely browned, I added in the breast pieces and slightly browned them.

Then I added:

  A full bottle of Sauvignon Blanc ( Trader Joe’s 3 buck chuck), remember I’m using a five pound chicken.

Three sprigs worth of Rosemary leaves.

a couple of small bulbs of garlic

about a 1/2 tsp of sea salt

I let it all simmer until the chicken was almost cooked through. Then I turned up the heat and cooked the sauce down until it made a thick rich sauce. It does not make very much sauce, so, if more sauce is desired, whole cream can be added as the sauce is being reduced.

The chicken pieces were each redolent with the taste of the Rosemary and garlic and very moist and tender. 


I served the chicken with a Creamed Sweet Pea, Summer Squash and Mint Soup.


We had a bumper crop of peas this year and I used the last of the crop in this delicate soup that is also a real delicacy.

It’s very simple to make. Simply cook together green peas and summer squash, about 2 parts peas to 1 part squash, a few fresh mint leaves, a pinch of salt and some black pepper, in just enough water to cover the vegetables, until the peas start to wrinkle.  Let the mixture cool a bit and then put it into a food blender and puree until smooth. 

Let it chill and serve.


A beet salad made with garlic flowers and beet greens was dressed with Pomegranate/Quince Balsamic Vinegar and Oil.


New potatoes that were cooked in water and then tossed in sizzling butter, with fresh Fennel Leaves, were also served.

I loved every minute that I spent preparing this meal in anticipation of enjoying it with our friends. We shared a meal together but we also shared our love for each other and that really made it a truly awesome meal.


There were chicken leftovers that I reheated the next day by placing them in a small skillet and adding some whole cream.


I reduced it down until there was a rich, thick and brown sauce.  Pure Goodness!


Karen in Nonesuch


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