I’ve been experimenting for a while now with making a meatloaf that is gluten-free, holds together and tastes good. This recipe  does all three things. I used crushed corn chips as the binder. I discovered that if I crush the chips, they mix in more evenly and don’t have a pronounced “corn chip” flavor. I crushed them in my little 2 cup Cuisinart Food Processor.


The Food processor crushed the chips very evenly but not so small that they became flour.   I’ve also tried crushing them by placing them in a freezer bag and rolling over them with a rolling pin. It works but the texture is very uneven.


I ended up using 75% of the bag of chips which gave me 2 cups of crushed chips. That works out to 1/2 cup of crushed chips per pound of meat.

That reminds me that this recipe calls for 4# of hamburger. It seems to me that it takes just as much work to make one small meatloaf as it does to make several and freeze the extras.  I love being able to pull out a cooked meatloaf and just heat it up for a meal.

PREHEAT the OVEN to 375 degrees


For the rest of the ingredients:

I started with 4# of hamburger that was pastured finished by Clover Hill Pastures.

To the hamburger I added:

About 1 1/2 cups of chopped green peppers


About 1 1/2 cups of chopped green peppers. Either frozen or fresh works.

Five very large cloves of garlic that were coarsely chopped.


Spices and herbs:

Toast together, in a small skillet:

3TBL Coriander Seed

2TBL Cumin Seed

Grind the seeds, along with 1TBL of dried Oregano and 3 dried jalapeno chilies. ( The chilies are optional or can be replaced by hot sauce.) I place everything in a coffee grinder that is dedicated to just grinding spices.  I also like using a Mortar and Pestle when I’m using smaller amounts of spices.

NOTE: I did not add any salt since the corn chips were salted.


Ground spices, herbs and chili pepper

Mix all of the above listed ingredients into the hamburger. I just use my hands. Make sure everything is evenly mixed together.


Now add:

16 ounces of tomato sauce. I used two 8 oz cans.


Four eggs that have been lightly whisked together. They should equal about 1 cup of eggs.


AND finally the corn chips! Mix together until everything is evenly distributed.


Shape the meatloaf mixture into loaves.  Since I was taking some of this meatloaf to a potluck, I made one 2# meatloaf and one 1# meatloaf. The rest of it was shaped into patties that we cooked for dinner and ate while the meatloaves baked in the oven.


Meatloaves ready to be baked.

Bake the meatloaves for 30 minutes at 375 degrees. The 1# meatloaf should be done. If not, reduce the heat to 350 degrees and let it cook until it is firm, not more than another 10 -15 minutes.

If you are baking 2# meatloaves, leave in the oven another 30 minutes at 350 degrees.


While the meatloaves were baking,  I boiled a peeled and chopped potato with twice as much chopped Cauliflower and  I fried the Meatloaf Patties.


Meatloaf Patties being fried for dinner.

Once the potato and cauliflower were tender, they were drained, and put back into the pot. They were then mashed with ghee and grated Colby cheese.  The amount of cheese and ghee is strictly a matter of taste.

Just as the meatloaf patties were finished cooking, I sauteed some chopped scallion in bacon grease, then added a thawed quart of Lamb’s Quarter greens.  I heated them through, added some grated black pepper and served them with the mashed cauliflower/potato dish and the meatloaf patties.


Lamb’s Quarter greens that were frozen last spring.

I topped the meatloaf patties with gluten free sour cream.  They were moist, tender and so good!


The finished meatloaves were cooled in the pans. I wrapped the 1# meatloaf in freezer paper and froze it for another day. The larger meatloaf was placed into a glass container, ready to go to the potluck dinner that we had today at AHAVA Center for Spiritual Center for Living in Lexington, KY.

I brought home an empty container. 

Joyful Cooking in Nonesuch,


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