My sister and I made a trip to Berea, KY, on Friday, March 20,  to shop at Three Fold Meats, located on Main Street in Old Town. After making our purchases of some pork chops and some hog fat, that will be used to make lard, and after then visiting the Berea Arts Council Gallery, we wandered around a bit before finding ourselves on Adams Street. 

We were talking about going to  Boone Tavern for lunch when I noticed that a new restaurant was opening up in the same location that had housed the Black Feather. It was going to be having it’s ribbon cutting ceremony that afternoon.

There was a sign saying “eat local” so, we immediately decided to eat there for lunch. I was sure that if the ingredients were local, then there would also be gluten free options and the food would be very good.

The special of the day was written on a board by the order counter.


I loved the fact that the ingredients for each dish were listed. I also loved the eclectic mix of ingredients in both the soup and Frittata. The soup had chicken, garlic, red onion, sweet potatoes, collard greens, tomatoes, cayenne and all natural peanut butter. The Frittata of the Day had bacon, butternut squash, spinach and cream cheese.

Not knowing how big the servings would be and knowing that we wanted to try both the Peanut Chicken Soup and the Frittata, we each ordered a cup of the soup and a slice of the Frittata.  Both of us also ordered a cup of coffee which came in wonderful orange mugs.


We took our coffee into the dining room that is off of the main entry/dining room. We picked a table in the center of the room and enjoyed our coffee while we waited on the food to be brought to our tables.

The “cup” of soup was very substantial and more importantly, it was delicious.  The creamy sweetness of the sweet potatoes made a wonderful contrast to the chicken and the slightly spicy hotness of the cayenne pepper.  The other ingredients blended into the soup in a complex of flavors that was perfect. The soup was served at the perfect temperature of hot but not too hot to eat.

Our slices of Frittata were also substantial and very delicious. I have never thought to use squash and cream cheese in a Frittata but I’ll be experimenting with them now after having tried The Village Trough version.  The spinach was a wonderful “green” presence in the base of the Frittata and contrasted beautifully with the sweetness of the sweet potatoes and the tang of the cream cheese. With all of the vegetables that were used, I felt like I’d had a complete meal. It was very good!

Mu sister finished up with an Almond Croissant.


We not only experienced good food but also good care. Everyone was very friendly and really cared about how we were enjoying our dining experience.  It’s clear that this restaurant is being run by folks who love good food and who want to share that love with others. We left feeling full and content.

As for cost, we thought the cost of the meal was very reasonable, especially given the quality of the food and service. The cup of soup was $4.00 and the Frittata was $5.50.  Each serving alone would make for a nice lunch. The restaurant sources it’s wonderful, seasonal ingredients from the following Kentucky Proud producers: Ale-8-One, Berea College Farm Store, Clementine’s Bake Shop Berea, Climax Spring Water, Dave’s Green Thumb: Berea Produce, Homegrown Hideaways: Berea Produce, Old Town Amish Food Store: Berea Bread, Pike Valley Farm: Lancaster Beef & Pork, St. Catherine Farm: St. Catherine Pork. (Links to these producers are at the bottom of this post. )

“The mission of The Village Trough is to strengthen the economic, and environmental well being of our community by reconnecting people with local food sources, hosting and encouraging community events, and utilizing a democratic business structure.” 

I applaud their mission and wish them success with this endeavor.

Right now they are only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each week. I hope that changes by time a quilt group of mine is there during the last week of July for a retreat. I wonder if they know about Quilt Extravaganza?

Check them out at:

Oh yes, They do cook gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and with meat. Something good for everyone!

Cooking with Joy and Love in Nonesuch,



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