CAULIFLOWER and GREEN PEA SALAD with BACON and Pecorino Romano cheese.


I try to grow as much of our food as possible. After all, we live on a farm and have both the opportunity and the land to grow wonderful, nutritious vegetables.  That said, I just cannot seem to grow a decent head of cauliflower, so, when beautiful organic heads of cauliflower show up at the Good Foods Co-op ( I take advantage of the opportunity to purchase them. The same goes for the beautiful organic Romaine lettuce and fresh shallots, that I purchased there last Sunday. What a wonderful luxury to have these fresh vegetables in February.

 These vegetables were brought in from California, which is certainly not local, but as much as we like to buy locally produced food, I am also grateful that, in the middle of a snow storm, I can make a wonderful salad out of fresh vegetables.

it gets even more amazing when I think about the Pecorino Romano Cheese, that was grated and added to the salad.  It is imported from Italy.  I am thankful for the opportunity to try foods from other countries, right here in Nonesuch.

The peas are as local as we can get. They were grown in my garden. Here are some of the precious little gems that I put into the freezer last spring, along with the cauliflower and a shallot.


Cauliflower, peas and shallot

It only takes a few minutes to put this salad together. It’s very good leftover, so, make extra if you have enough ingredients.


The basic ingredients can vary according to taste. This salad can be all cauliflower, all peas or as I did it, a combination of the two.

Start with cooking two full slices of bacon.

While the bacon is cooking:

Chop some fresh cauliflower – I like to slightly blanch the cauliflower. It gets rid of the hardness of the raw vegetable while retaining the crunch. I just drop the chopped pieces into some boiling water and immediately turn off the water. If the peas are frozen, I add them to the water and immediately pour  everything into a colander. I then cool the vegetables down with cold water sprayed on them.

I used about two cups of chopped cauliflower and one of frozen peas.

I then added:

about 1TBL of minced shallot

1/4 cup of freshly grated Pecorino Romano cheese ( any hard Italian cheese will work, go with your own preference, but grate it fresh)

a dash of freshly ground black pepper


Crumble the cooked and cooled bacon slices onto the top of the salad.


Salad ready to be tossed with dressing.

Last of all, toss the salad with real mayonnaise.  I use just enough mayonnaise to coat the vegetables and to hold the salad together.

This salad is very good served with roasted sweet potatoes and broiled salmon, hamburgers, or baked chicken.


Joyfully Cooking with Love,



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