Blog Title Change and Healthy Cooking with GHEE


The word “heart” contains the two words “hear” and “art”.

I’ve changed the name of this blog to better reflect the broad range of recipes that I am publishing and the philosophy behind my relationship to food and it’s preparation. 

I do maintain a gluten-free diet, we raise as much of our food as possible and we try to buy locally, but that is not the whole focus of mine and Steve’s diet. The true focus is preparing food that we have raised, or bought, with joyful loving care and gratitude.

When one cooks from the heart, one listens to the heart and cooks with love and creativity.  Loving and Creating, what a great way to spend time in the kitchen and the garden.



Here’s the link to a great article about cooking with ghee, which is the best way I know of to use butter. It’s delicious and apparently very healthy for you. I”m now adding 1tsp to my coffee in the  morning. Soooo Good. It’s rich and nutty and makes a nice addition to the whole cream that I use. Hot, creamy coffee on a cold morning. Yum!!!

Cooking with Joy and Gratitude in Nonesuch,



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