GRAM FLOUR or BESAN PUDA DOSA ( bean flour pancakes)


I am reposting this blog piece to go along with the SPICY VEGGIE SOUP recipe that I just posted.

In looking for bread substitutes, I came across the recipe for these BESAN PUDA DOSA. They are almost like a tortilla but they are made using bean and rice flours and grated vegetables. When they turn out just right, they can be folded and filled and eaten like a taco. I filled the one in the photo, with slices of smoked chicken and a carrot and lettuce salad. The combination was excellent.

I like the nutty flavor of Buckwheat flour, and the fact that it is so nutritious, so, in the following recipe, I have substituted it for the rice flour. The pancakes actually cook up more easily and are a little firmer in texture.

The pancakes are very quick and easy to mix up.



Mix together:

1 cup of bean flour

1/4 cup of Buckwheat flour (or use 1/4 cup of rice flour)

1 cup of shredded carrots

2TBL of minced onion or more to taste

1tsp  or more, cumin seed

1 or more, minced Serrano pepper or hot sauce to taste

1 tsp sea salt


Mix all of the ingredients together. Slowly add in cold water. It will take at least a cup of water to get everything mixed together. Then add enough more water to make very loose batter. It needs to be thin enough to spread easily on a hot griddle. The batter should easily fall off of a spoon.


The recipes that I’ve looked up all call for cooking the pancakes on a hot griddle that has plenty of ghee on it.  The ghee gives a wonderful, buttery flavor and has a high smoke point. If you don’t have any ghee, then use a vegetable oil such as peanut oil that also has a high smoke point but won’t flavor the pancakes.   There are several good you tube videos that are very helpful.

Heat up the griddle and add the ghee. (On my stove, I have the heat between medium and low.) Then pour about 1/4 cup of batter onto the griddle and, using the back of the spoon,  quickly spread it out into a circle. It’s ok if there are a few holes in the batter. You may have to use the spatula to hold the middle down on the griddle. Use  light pressure once the top has started to bubble and dry out. Cook it until the top bubbles and dries out and the edges are starting to turn brown; about 2 minutes.

Don’t try to turn it too soon. You can guess what will happen.


Add more oil if the griddle is dry after turning the pancake. Ghee can be spread across the top of the pancake. Continue to hold the middle down with a spatula if it bubbles up off of the surface.


Keep cooking the pancake, turning it a few times until it is golden brown on both sides and is completely dry and cooked. The edges will be crisp. It takes about 5 minutes to cook each pancake. Keep the heat adjusted so that the batter bubbles and sizzles when it hits the griddle but does not brown too quickly. This recipe makes up about nine 6″-7″ pancakes.


A stack of finished pancakes. BESAN PUDA DOSA

You can make up just a few at a time and save the batter for later. However, I have found that they don’t cook up as easily with leftover batter. I go ahead and take the time to cook up all of the batter at once since the pancakes reheat beautifully.

They are delicious with the HEARTWARMING GOOD VEGGIE STEW, with scrambled eggs or cheese folded inside of them and just by themselves fresh off of the griddle.

The ghee really gives the pancakes a rich wonderful flavor. You can find out how to make it here:

Grated Zucchini can be substituted for the grated carrots. It’s very good. I use frozen grated zucchini, that I put up in the summer.  When using frozen, be sure to add all of the liquid from the package to the flour and then adjust the water accordingly.





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