IMG_3082Toaster Oven Roasted Peanuts are quick and easy to do.They make a great snack and are nice additions to certain dishes, such as salads and stir-fries. Just a few peanuts go a long way. 

I buy raw peanuts, in bulk, and roast them myself. That way I know that they are fresh and that they are gluten-free. I used to try to roast several pounds at one time in the oven but I have discovered that it is quicker to roast a small amount in the toaster oven. I have better control over how evenly they are roasted and it doesn’t take as long. 

I cover the toaster oven pan with peanuts. Then I add  just enough peanut oil to lightly coat them. For this batch, I also used a seasoning that was given to me by my nephew at Christmas. Actually, he gave me a whole selection, of this line of seasonings. I decided to use the one for vegetables on the peanuts. I just sprinkled some of the seasoning on the peanuts.

Peanuts with oil and seasoning ready to go into the oven.

Peanuts with oil and seasoning ready to go into the oven.

I then placed the pan into the toaster oven that had been preheated to about 375 degrees. Since our oven is old and the numbers have worn off, I have to guess about where the temperature is set.

I roasted them for five minutes, stirred them around and roasted them for another five minutes.

I then removed them from the toaster oven. At this stage, they do not look as brown as the finished peanuts, but, they need to be removed from the oven, because, they have a lot of internal heat, so they will continue to cook on the hot pan and finish up to a nice golden brown color and have a good crunch to them.


Just pulled from the oven.

That’s all there is to it. Now just pack them into some jars. These were enough to fill 1 1/2 pint jars.

I’ve tried a variety of spicy seasonings on the peanuts, including just a sprinkling of sea salt. They all seem to be good as snacks. If I’m going to be adding the peanuts to other food, then I like just the plain salted ones for that.


I got curious about their history while starting this blog, so, I did a Google search of peanuts. It turns out that peanuts are members of the pea family and that they are native to Peru and possibly Brazil. They were being grown there over 7500 years ago.  They ended up coming to North American by way of the slaves who were raising peanuts that had been introduced to Africa and China sometime in the 1500’s. They are also very interesting in their growth process. Look them up.

I am grateful that we have this ancient and nutritious food still here for us today.

Joyful Cooking in Nonesuch,


IMG_2749I buy my peanuts in the bulk foods section at The Good Foods Co-op :

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