Chicken and Buckwheat Dumplings

Chicken and Buckwheat Dumplings

SO, after making the chicken broth, that I used to make several servings of EGG DROP MISO SOUP, I used some of the broth and the chicken meat to make chicken and dumplings.

I had uncooked Buckwheat Noodle Dumplings in the freezer. You can find the recipe here: /

I just pulled out a few squares, added them to some simmering broth and cooked them until they puffed up and were tender. It took about 1/2 hour, mainly because the dumplings were frozen when I added them to the broth.

By the time the dumplings were cooked, the broth had thickened into a nice gravy. I heated up some of the dark meat in with the dumplings.

It was all served with a simple salad made out of chopped Romaine hearts, Toaster Oven roasted peanuts and a dressing of minced garlic, Black Mission Fig Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil.

When I make a dressing, I use a ratio of about 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 oil. I pour the vinegar into a measuring cup, then slowly whisk in the oil. I keep whisking the oil and vinegar until it all emulsifies into a thick dressing.

Great comfort food while being just a bit edgy with the salad. YUM!


If you are interested in trying out a variety of flavored vinegars and infused olive oil check out these web sites. This shop is located in Chesterton, IN in an old and very charming house. I have stocked up when we have been there visiting our niece and her family. She has now moved to Louisiana, and in the meantime Stuartos has opened up in Lexington, down in Chevy Chase.  I’ll be checking them out soon. I really love the fact that we can taste the oil and vinegars before buying them. 


Cooking With Joy in Nonesuch,




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  1. I forgot to say that I also added Miso to the chicken and dumplings. It reminded of a dish that a young Japanese man, lived with us for a few months, fixed for us one night. You can also make enough for leftrovers. Yum!


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