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I don’t have a fever but I sure do have a cold virus that has me coughing.  So, I am drinking at least 4 cups, per day, of Elderberry Tea for several reasons.  It’s warm and soothes a throat that is rough from coughing, it tastes good, is loaded with vitamins and provides me with a good tasting source of liquids to help keep my body hydrated, and it has a long history of being effective with treating cold and flu symptoms.  You can read about it here:


I am using Elderberries, that I dried myself, after harvesting them from our Elderberry Shrub.  It is important to remember to make sure that the tea only contains the ripe and dried elderberries and none of the unripe berries, stems or leaves of the shrub. The stems and leaves are poisonous, as are the unripe berries.

NOTE: For a local source of Elderberry Tea and dried Elderberries, check out The Good Foods Co-Op on Southland Drive in Lexington.


Boil enough water to fill a teapot. I add a heaping tsp of berries for every cup of boiling water that I’ll be using, in this case it is 4 cups.


Cover the teapot with a heavy cloth. Let the tea steep for at least 5 minutes. Many directions say up to 10 minutes or more, but I like the first cup to be hot. The berries will continue to steep.  I reheat further cups of tea in the microwave.


Pour the tea, using a strainer, into your favorite mug. I also add some homemade Elderberry Syrup for an extra boost. 


Find a quiet, warm place to snug in while you enjoy this healing bit of late spring. 

Cooking Joyfully,



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