One of our favorite holiday meals is fried oysters. I start looking for the Pacific farm raised oysters around Thanksgiving. I usually plan on cooking some of them fresh and freezing some for later on. They do freeze really well.

For this recipe I used the the Medium size oysters, from Willapoint, that I purchased at Kroger’s.IMG_2823

For the breading, I used the All-purpose gluten free flour from Bob’s Red Mill. In the past, I have experimented with using bean flour mixed with rice flour, but, I found that it tends to burn. 

For two 8 ounce containers of oysters, I beat together 2 eggs. I dipped the oysters into the eggs, rolled them in the flour , dipped them back into the eggs and rolled them one more time in the flour.


Oysters in the egg. One oyster being dipped again, in the egg, after being rolled in the flour.

Rolling oysters in the flour.

Rolling oysters in the flour.

I placed all of the oysters into a pie plate, that had a little bit of flour on the bottom of it. I placed the plate of oysters into the refrigerator for about two hours. For some reason, this seems to help the breading stay on the oysters when I finally fry them.

Oysters after being in the refrigerator for two hours.

Oysters after being in the refrigerator for two hours.

I heated up about two inches of oil in a medium size skillet.  The oil needs to be hot but not smoking. Place a bit of breading into the oil to check the temperature. If the oil sizzles around the breading then it is ready for the oysters. Gently place a few oysters into the skillet. Be sure not to crowd them. Fry until they are golden brown on both sides. It takes about five minutes on a side. I use two forks to turn the oysters so that the breading doesn’t break loose.

Oysters frying in the oil.

Oysters frying in the oil.

When frying more than one batch, I place the finished oysters, on a pan, in the toaster oven, set on warm. This helps to keep the breading crisp, while also keeping them warm, as the rest of the oysters finish cooking.

I serve the oysters with a horseradish mayonnaise, that I make, by just mixing horseradish into mayonnaise. 

We enjoy this special treat with a sparking white wine.



What do you do when there is lots of egg and a bit of flour left over from making the oysters.

Leftover egg.

Leftover egg.

Experiment with adding in Buckwheat flour and mixing up a Dumpling/noodle dough.


Cooking with Joy in Nonesuch,


Cooking with Joy

Cooking with Joy

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