Tromboncini Squash

Tromboncini Squash

We grew an unusual squash this summer, that is an Italian heirloom squash. We thought we were growing a summer squash, and indeed, it was excellent when it was young and green. Then we discovered that we could leave it to mature and eat it like a winter squash. The long neck of the squash is composed of a very mild flavored orange flesh. All of the seeds are in the bulb end of the squash. The following recipe is one for soup, that I came up with, to serve as a starter for our Thanksgiving dinner. It would be a delicious beginning to any meal.  It’s mild yet full of a variety of flavors that all meld together into a really delicious soup.


I made a huge pot of soup simply because I had the squash and I really love leftovers.

I started by cutting up and peeling enough of the squash neck to equal 3lbs. of squash in the pot. That was a little over half of the squash neck. I sliced the neck into about 3″ chunks, peeled the chunks by slicing down on the sides and then cut them up into quarters.

Peeling and cutting up squash.

Peeling and cutting up squash.

I placed all of the pieces into a large soup pot. I then added:

A generous half cup of chopped, dried tomatoes


Chopped dried tomatoes.

One medium onion that had been chopped up and browned in coconut oil. The coconut oil added a very nice light nutty flavor to the soup.

Browned onion in coconut oil.

Browned onion in coconut oil.

4TBL chopped fresh ginger and 2 large cloves of garlic.

Fresh ginger and garlic

Fresh ginger and garlic

2tsp. of toasted fennel seed and 1tsp of crushed mint leaves.

Toasted fennel seeds

Toasted fennel seeds

I added enough water to cover all the vegetables and set it to cook until the squash was tender. 

Once the squash was tender, I put everything though a blender to cream the soup. I want it creamed since I am using it to start a meal.


Creamed Squash soup


Two quarts of soup.

I had enough soup to save out 6 good servings of 2/3 cup each, plus fill 2 quart jars to store in the refrigerator and eat out of later.


I served the soup garnished with a dollop of Sour Cream and a sprinkling of Smoked Paprika. Yums were heard all around the table. This soup would make a great starter to any meal but it’s especially good for those who are gluten intolerant and it’s also vegetarian. 

Squash soup garnished with sour cream and smoked paprika.

Squash soup garnished with sour cream and smoked paprika.

Cooking with Love and Joy,  Karen

Cooking with Joy

Cooking with Joy

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