Frequently, when one is gluten intolerant, they are also lactose intolerant. That is the case with me. I’ve had to accept that ice cream, and uncultured milk products are not good for me.  That said, I do love butter. I have found that by using a high quality cultured butter and rendering out the milk solids to create Clarified butter, I can have my butter.  In addition to being safe for me to eat, clarified butter taste wonderful, and has a very high heat point, so, it can be used on a griddle.

When making clarified butter, be sure to use an unsalted butter. My favorite butter is “Plugra European Style” butter. It is more expensive than most brands, but, because it has 82% butter fat, versus the 80% found in most butters, I get a full pint of clarified butter out of one pound of Plugra butter. When I use other brands, I only get 3/4 of a pint of clairified butter.

To make clarified butter:

Place one pound of butter into a saucepan that is set over very low heat.

Note about amount: You can make smaller amounts at a time, but, it takes just as much time as doing the full pound.

Let the butter melt and simmer. There will be a lot of popping of water bubbles. A foam will also form on the surface.

Foam and bubbles on butter being clarified.

Foam and bubbles on butter being clarified.

Once all of the of the water has evaporated, (this take about 1/2 hour), the bubbling will stop and the butter will start to look clear. At this point, mine always looks very brown and smells heavenly.

The water is gone and the foam has sunk to the bottom of the pan.

The water is gone and the foam has sunk to the bottom of the pan.

Let the butter cool for a little bit.  Then pour it into a heat proof jar. I use a pint canning jar  I always place the jar into a bowl, just in case the jar decides to break. It has only happened once, but, of course the jar was not in a bowl.  I did end up with very clean drawers as a result, but I don’t recommend that as a way to get clean drawers. Be sure to strain the solids out with a small strainer.


Once the butter has cooled, place a lid on it and use it whenever you want a really special addition to whatever you are making. Because it is pure fat, it does not have to be refrigerated, even in the summer when the kitchen can really heat up.


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